• Measure with one click

    Registration of water variables has never been easier. Measure a water level in a river or canal, ground water level, gate position, discharge or water quality variable by simply taking a picture with a smartphone. The picture is automatically uploaded to the database/Water Information System and proprietary pattern recognition software reads the water variable from the picture. All measurements and pictures are geo-tagged so are easily accessible through our GIS-based user interface. Export functionalities are available to export the data to most common Water Information Systems, such as WISKI and FEWS.

  • Comply with regulations

    Countries and states need to know where their precious water resources are being utilised. To get an overview of how the water is distributed, governments require water organisations to monitor their water use. For example Senate Bill x7-7 was enacted in November 2009, requiring all water suppliers to measure all water deliveries and increase water use efficiency. Setting up such monitoring systems using instruments at all turnouts is an enormous investment for the water districts and moreover maintaining this equipment is unaffordable for most of them. The MobileTracker is an affordable method to measure the flows and thereby comply with the imposed regulations.

  • Paperless administration

    The present situation at many water and irrigation districts is that field based staff execute measurements by writing the value read from a staff gauge on a piece of paper in a notebook. At the end of the day these values are entered in a worksheet and this worksheet is emailed to the supervisor. Some time later, again, the values are manually entered in a computer, this time the database/Water Information System. This process is slow and prone to human errors. The MobileTracker reduces this entire process to the click of a button, where writing values down on paper and manually entering data is something of the past. Another advantage is that the monitoring become a real-time process, where both operator and supervisor have immediate access to measurement and picture on the smart-phone and the central computer system.

  • No Equipment

    Anything installed along canals and rivers that moves or uses electronics breaks down. Automation is an effective tool to increase water use efficiency, however requires extensive maintenance and rather sooner than later breaks down. MWM is a unique hybrid solution that combines the advantages of manual operations (robust) with the advantages of automation (efficiency).