Q: From how far can I take a picture?

A: Max 10 meters or 30 feet. In that case use maximum zoom.


Q: Is the picture also stored?

A: Yes, all pictures are stored and are immediately accessible using an internet connection.


Q: Where is the data stored?

A: Per client or project a server is configured and the data and pictures are stored in a MySQL-database. The location of the server can be either within the clients’ ICT-infrastructure or in the cloud.


Q: Is it not better to use a fixed webcam instead of the smart-phone?

A: This is possible, yet this comes with the maintenance burden that can be avoided using MWM.


Q: For which mobile operating systems does the system run?

A: iOS and Android


Q: What if there is no mobile internet coverage?

A: In that case the picture is buffered and uploaded as soon as internet communication is available again (for example through the WIFI-network at the office).


Q: Can you handle waves?

A: The picture is a snapshot of a moment, so will just give the water level of that moment including the wave. In order to get a better average water level value, multiple frames can be shot and averaged. This functionality is planned to be available in the second half of 2014.


Q: Can I integrate the application with my current camera that I have mounted at a site that points to a staff gauge? What do I need to take into consideration for this?

A: This is not supported, however technically this is possible. Therefore the camera needs to communicate the pictures to the MWM server through a connection API. We can provide details to the ICT department on how to connect with our API.


Q: Does the image processing software still works when the water is very clear?

A: The water level can always be read, but this might require special settings of the threshold values for that location.


Q: What are the minimum specifications for my phone to work with the application?

A:      1. Hardware Requirements

1.1 camera: required resolution: minimal 5MP (megapixels), recommended:8MP
1.2 GPS receiver: required
1.3 tilt sensor and compass/magnetic heading sensor: required
1.4 local storage requirements: none

2. Software Requirements:
2.1 iOS, version 6.0 or higher
2.2 Android, version 3 or higher

3. Network access
3.1 internet: 2G or faster (2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI)
3.2 Offline buffering allows for taking photo’s without internet connection


Q: How do I enable other phones, other than my own, to take measurements with their phones?  Is there a limit of the number of phones that can take pictures?  Does this add any additional costs to my monitoring program?

A: There is not a limit to the number of phones and there are no additional costs for extra phones. The pricing model concerns a price per monitoring location, regardless the numbers of phones connected.


Q: How do I register a phone?

A: Starting up the app on the smartphone and from the app sending an email to info@mobilewatermanagement.com.


Q: Is it possible to use crowd sourcing for monitoring using MWM?

A: Yes. Using crowds to measure at remote locations is possible using MWM and will reduce monitoring costs significantly.


Q: Can I take the picture with the smart-phone using any orientation?

A: No. The smart-phone has to be held in portrait position (upright).