• Mobile Level Tracker

    The Mobile Level Tracker allows users to measure water levels with the click of a button. The inaccuracy of the measurement is less than 10 mm when using a metric staff gauge and less than 0.15 inch when using an English staff gauge.

  • Mobile Flow Tracker

    Measuring flows is not an easy task. We have various way of doing so, e.g. using the ITRC weir stick on which the smart-phone can be clipped. From the picture, the water level upstream that hits the stick on the gauge is read and automatically multiplied with the width and a calibration coefficient. This means no more errors in the computation of the flow.
    Another option is taking a picture of a staff gauge upstream of a measurement flume, where again the flow is computed automatically and stored in the database/Water Information System, together with the picture.

    A new product is a hystereses-free level that can be clipped on a tilting weir or radial gate that can be photographed to read the gate angle (and from that the gate level).

  • Mobile Gate Tracker

    A level is attached to the tilting-gate parallel to the front edge. Taking a picture using the MWM-app results in a measurement of the angle of the gate and by using the bearing level and the radius, the gate level is given back on the screen and to the database. The accuracy for a radius of 1 meter (3 feet) is approximately 15 mm (0.6 Inch).

  • MobileGroundwaterTracker

    The Mobile Groundwater Tracker allows users to read the value from the tape and store it in the database/Water Information System. Relative reference levels that depend on the GIS-location of the site can be automatically added in order to get the absolute level of the groundwater table as final data point.

  • Mobile Quality Tracker

    The Mobile Quality Tracker allows users to take a picture of indicator strips together with legend. The system determines an objective reading of the water quality variable.


  • Mobile Meter Tracker

    The Mobile Meter Tracker allows users to measure any kind of digital or analog meter fast, simpel and fraud-proof. When the numbers are visible, we can read them, check them and store them!